Our 1st audio-recorded home worship on air was on Sunday, March 29, 2020. Followingthis were audio services for Holy Week 2020. All worship sessions (apart from the first service) are in Yoruba and English languages.

Do listen to God’s word, and if blessed by it, feel free to share this website link with others. As a couple and family, we are passionate for Christ and for your spiritual well-being.

The purpose of theWoWYoruba service,as Christ is brought to your doorsteps, is as follows:

  • To meet the needs ofpeople living within Nigeria who prefer to worship God in Yoruba;
  • Tomeet the nostalgic worship needs of Yoruba people in the Diaspora;
  • As an avenue to propagate and secure the continued use of the Yoruba language; and
  • Towiden the scope and knowledge of the Yoruba language everywhere.

Together, we – you and us – are bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the doorsteps of homes around the world!

Together, we are one in Christ Jesus!!

Together, we keep the flag flying for Jesus Christ!!!