Self Exam. 2: Do I need to change my lifestyle after COVID-19?

In sober reflection, I need to ask myself a number of questions?

Do I behave as if my time, 24 hours a day, belongs to me or do I consistently acknowledge that God gave me those hours to spend as He dictates?

It’s good to celebrate, rejoice and feast.  However, when I look at the grand level of the parties we arrange and attend, I need to seriously question myself.  Is it all necessary?  Our demands have led to the establishment of many event centres, decoration businesses, video and photography ventures etc.

However, in the light of our current realities, we see that all these are luxury items that are ‘non-lasting’!  Of course, this is in addition to the volume of clothing we acquire many of which will soon start smelling due to prolonged storage and lack of use!

💭 🤔 How much money do we spend to have these grand parties and gifts we give and receive at the parties?

Have I been guilty of closing my eyes to the real poor amongst us while I revel in my fancy parties?  I’m not talking just about beggars on the streets but also those with certificates but no jobs, willing to start productive businesses but have zero capital.

Oh! You don’t have that kind of money to help anyone, right? Ok, so, what can I change about myself?

For starters, we can revisit our ‘aso-ebi’ (uniform dressing) syndrome.  Those in that business are currently having a re-think because it’s obviously not a sustainable venture.  Let’s help them!  Let’s quantify the monetary value of the clothing and shoes in our wardrobes and take a decision to spend wisely after COVID-19.

Moderation in ALL things – that’s the KEY.

2 Replies to “Self Exam. 2: Do I need to change my lifestyle after COVID-19?”

    1. Each person ought to conduct a self examination in the light of God’s word to see if there is a need to make changes in one’s lifestyle.

      For most people, there will be a need to make some changes.

      For further information, please visit the Worship Session Pages on our website AND to listen to the sermons on 7th June 2020 and 14th June 2020 titled “Balaam and his donkey.”

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