In sober reflection, I need to ask myself a number of questions? Do I behave as if my time, 24 hours a day, belongs to me or do I consistently acknowledge that God gave me those hours to spend as He dictates? It’s good to celebrate, rejoice and feast.  However,
May 2020
There’s no doubt that the current scourge of the corona virus plaguing the world has almost brought everything to a standstill. Some of us know those who have had the virus or have died.  Even if we don’t, we have all read so many reports. This means that we are
May 2020

2 Replies to “Self Exam. 2: Do I need to change my lifestyle after COVID-19?”

    1. Each person ought to conduct a self examination in the light of God’s word to see if there is a need to make changes in one’s lifestyle.

      For most people, there will be a need to make some changes.

      For further information, please visit the Worship Session Pages on our website AND to listen to the sermons on 7th June 2020 and 14th June 2020 titled “Balaam and his donkey.”

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